• Yellow Cohesion, 24inx30in

  • Red, 24inx30in

  • in the Garden, stop to smell the flowers, 24inx30n

  • My Happy Place, 24inx30in

  • Sheltering Sky, 24inx30in

  • Serendipity, 24inx30in

  • Bloom, 11inx14in

  • Music, 36inx36in

  • Simplicity, 36inx36n

  • Tranquility, 36inx24in

  • Tranquility, 36inx24in

Behind all that, there is great happiness…

In my art, whether it is in the subject matter or the technique, I like to ask: what is behind all that? I create art that reveals and hides, exposes and conceals. I invite you the viewer to wonder and imagine.