rachel-tvFor many years I was a design engineer engaged in the roller coaster of the high tech industry. I have decided to take some time off and rediscovered my artistic side. I’m a self taught artist. I have experimented with a variety of arts like Painting, Collage, Paper-Mache, Polymer-Clay, Mosaic, Clay-print and computer digital design. I became addicted to working with polymer clay. With simple home tools I create wonderful, colorful designs. I take my inspiration from things I see all around. Each of my designs is unique and one of a kind.

Abstract painting is my other passion. I start by building texture with a variety of materials on a canvas. Then, I keep adding layers of colors until I see the right composition. I use a lot of water with pigment. The water can reach all the small cracks to enhance the texture and the colors underneath.

Discovering my artistic side emerged from my need to diversify my life and spend more time with my family. I took my passion for craft to the next level and got recognition as an artist. I have started a home business to become my own boss where I can dedicate time to create. I see art as a lifelong learning experience.

Professional Affiliations

Career and Education

1986 – 1990B.Sc in Education (Electronic Technology), Technion, IsraelInstitute of Technology
1996Certificate in Project Management and VLSI Design UC Santa Cruz Extension
1990 – 2004Hardware Design Engineer. Compression Labs, General Instruments and Divicom/Harmonic
2005 – PresentSelf employed artist
2005 – 09Business, Color, Design and photography classes at De-Anza College Cupertino, CA
2006 – 07Art classes at the Palo Alto Art center,Palo Alto, CA
2011 – PresentPainting under Stella Zahng, Palo Alto, CA


Married with two children. Residing and creating in Sunnyvale, California