My second act as an artist is proof of life beyond high-tech. A self-taught artist, I grew up in a family who believed in the do-it-yourself model. My father was always fixing things; taking things apart and putting them back together. My mother enjoyed a variety of crafty pursuits and did quite a bit of painting as well. Consequently, I drew inspiration from my exposure to raw materials that were readily available to build more craft projects and from things I see all around me.

My first career was in electrical engineering. I spent a significant amount of time learning and following specific rules to design electronic systems. High tech criteria for success involves strict adherence to the specifications. With art, this is not the case and I relish the freedom of no right or wrong way to create.  Art simply invites the desire for free expression without boundaries. I’m playing with texture and colors to evoke feelings of balance, tranquility, peace of mind, and harmony through my art.  My main focus is 3D mixed media, creating acrylic abstract paintings and polymer clay sculptures, both of which allow me the greatest expression of creativity. When I start working on a new project, I never know what the results will be. Designs are limited only by the imagination and whatever materials are available in my studio. My work is defined by its rich texture and the use of a simple color scheme. As an abstract non-representational mixed-media artist, I work with ordinary, everyday materials, such as but not limited to paper, cardboard, and spackle. One of my favorite is pouring water mixed with glue and pure pigments over the texture. The spontaneity of the water expresses motion and accentuates the texture on the canvas. The layering process only stops when the painting is pleasing to my eye. After all, the real interpretation of the paintings is not what the artist sees; it is in the eyes of the individual viewer.

            My two latest projects are ‘Behind All That’ and ‘My happy place’. ‘Behind All That’ series was inspired by my favorite Israeli poet, Yehuda Amichai that wrote: “Behind all that, there is great happiness”. In my art, whether it is in the subject matter or the technique, I like to ask: what is behind all that? I create art that reveals and hides, exposes and councils. I like the viewer to wonder and imagine. In ‘My Happy Place’ I wanted to examine the places that art can taking us. It can be a color, an experience, an imaginary place, memory of a place; a place in our dreams, or a real one. I wanted to create the world I enjoy and encourage others to join.

2018 – present ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA
2017 – 2018 Main Gallery, Redwood City, CA
2014 – present Gallery 9 , Los Altos, CA
Solo shows
Nov, 2018 WCA featured artist.
May, 2018, 2019 Rotary Los Altos Fine Art in the Park. Los Altos, CA
2015, 2017, 2019 Gallery 9, Los altos, CA
2014,2015,2016 ‘Space and Dimensions’ traveling Solo exhibition in Palo Alto, San Jose, San Mateo Library, Saratoga Library, CA
Group shows
2019 ‘Go Figure’, Bankhead Gallery, Livermore, CA
2019 ArtSpan Auction Show, SF CA
2018,2019 Artist Show Case, Pacific Art League, CA
2016,2019 “SNAP!” event at Arc Gallery SF CA
2018, 2019 Art of Water Exhibition, James May Gallery, Algoma, WI
2018, 2019 Peninsula WCA group exhibitions: “A Room of her own, Beyond a Pretty Picture” Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica CA; “Summer Days” Olive Hyde Gallery, Fremont, CA;
“Fruition” Gallery 9 Los Altos CA ; Palo Alto art Center, CA
2017,2018 SF Open Studio at Fort Mason
2017 Finalist at Uart Open, annual competition and exhibition, CA
2017 “Through the Artist Eye: land, Sea, Sky”. Atherton Art Foundation, CA
2017 Great Bay Area Open at the Los Gatos Museum of Art, NUMU, CA – Honorable Mention
2017 Peninsula WCA group exhibition. “Vision”- SF, “New Work” – Half Moon Bay, CA
2016 ‘More the Merrier’, Art Ark Gallery, San Jose, CA
2015, 2016 Group shows with ‘Contemporary 15’ artist group
2015, 2016 SVWCA Group shows, Bankhead Gallery, Livermore, CA
2014, 2016 SVWCA Group shows, San Jose MLK Gallery, CA
2014 Silicon Valley Small Works, Vargas Gallery, Mission College, Santa Clara, CA
2013 Group Art Exhibit, Atherton Art Foundation, Atherton, CA
2013 ‘Visual Harmony’ NCWCA Group show, Danville, CA
2012, 2014 Community art show, PJCC Foster city, CA
2014 ‘The painted Chair’, Woman’s Club, Palo Alto, CA
2012 ‘Transformation’ exhibition, New Coast Gallery, Mountain View, CA
2011- Present Group shows at Pacific art league, Palo Alto, CA
2006- Present Silicon Valley Open studio, CA
2017 50’th finalist at the Uart Open, annual competition and exhibition, CA
2017 Honorable Mention. Great Bay Area Open at the Los Gatos Museum of Art, NUMU, CA
Curated shows
2019 “My Happy Place” Palo Alto Art Center, CA
2019 “Fruition” Gallery 9 Los Altos CA
April 2017 Atherton Living Magazine
November 2014 “Talk Art” November 6, “Paintings, and functional art”, Media Center, Palo Alto, CA.

Professional Affiliations
Member at ICA Gallery San Jose, CA
Member at Art Span – SF Open Studio
Silicon Valley Open Studios
Member at Atherton Art Foundation
Member at the Woman’s Caucus for Art, WCA
Member at the Peninsula Arts Council
Member at the Los Altos Art Club
Member at Los Gatos Art Association

Oct 2018 Associate member at ACCI Gallery, Berkeley CA
July 2018 Sedona Summer colony residency
2017 Member at the Main Gallery, Redwood City CA
2016 – Present Docent at the Palo Alto CA art center in the project Look Out
2014 – Present Member at Gallery 9, Los Altos CA

2005 – Present Self employed artist. Owner of RG Partnership.
1990 – 2004 Hardware Design Engineer. Compression Labs, General Instruments and Divicom/Harmonic
Advanced Painting: Exploring the Modern and Abstract with Katie Hawkinson, Stanford, CA
Painting under Stella Zahng, Palo Alto, CA
Painting, Business, Color, Design and photography classes at De-Anza College Cupertino, CA
Art classes at the Palo Alto Art center, Palo Alto, CA
Certificate in Project Management and VLSI Design UC Santa Cruz Extension
B.Sc in Education (Electronic Technology), Technion, Israel Institute of Technology